Bears, Blankets & Books - Oh My!, 2 teddy bears wrapped in a blanket

Bears, Blankets & Books – Oh My!

Big League BBQ. BBQ sauce in a jar with a basting brush on it

Big League BBQ

Bike Impossible, Adult handing a child a bike helmet

Bike Impossible

Coco Condo Construction, stack of chocolate bars

Coco Construction

Cookie Festoon, plate of cookies

Cookie Festoon

End Hunger Games, canned goods

End Hunger Games

Food Truck Face Off, plate of mini tacos

Food Truck Face Off

Honky Tonk 2-Step, people doing the 2 step

Honky Tonk Two-Step

In It to Win It, stacks of red solo cups

In It to Win It

Indoor Field Day, group of people throwing something through circle balloons

Indoor Field Day

Leave a Legacy, hammer and nails on wood

Leave a Legacy

Mighty green thumb, herbs in jars

Mighty Green Thumb

Military Care Packages, USPS packages stacked at a post office

Military Care Packages

Mini Masters Charity Golf, golf ball and putter on putting greens with a flag in the hole

Mini-Masters Charity Golf Tournament

Outlaw Olympics, person shooting balls off of bottles

Outlaw Olympics

painting featured image, Paint bruches

Painting Puzzle Masterpiece

Picture Perfect Scavenger Hunt, people posing in a picture to copy object behing them

Picture Perfect Scavenger Hunt

painting featured image, remote control

Robo Racers

Shark Tank, Row of sharks

Shark Tank

Spam Off, can of spam


Stuff It Backpacks, school supllies crayons, color pencils notebooks

Stuff-It! Backpacks for Charity

Super Hero Academy, Banners with super heros on them

Super Hero Academy

Sushi Roll, person rolling sushi

Sushi Roll

Tasty TexMex Challenge, cup of salsa and guacamole

Tasty Tex-Mex Challenge

Think Fast Trivia, Post it notte with question marks on them

Think Fast! Trivia