Roll Over Image Bike, Adult handing a child a bike helmet
bike impossinble 1, team fiished building their bike
bike impossinble 1, row of bikes
bike impossinble 3, row of bike with people behind them
bike impossinble 4 green team, green team talking

Bike Impossible

Your Mission…if you choose to accept it. As a team you must successfully assemble a child’s bicycle. Fair warning this task will come with several obstacles you must overcome in order to complete your mission.

Impossible Mission Force (Teams) will complete a series of tasks and challenges in order to earn the pieces of their bike. Once all pieces have been collected, building the bike can begin. When the bike is fully built, each team must bring their bike to a qualified spy mechanic who will give the bike a “once over” and report on any defects to the judges.

This activity focuses on:

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    Problem Solving

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