Bears, Blankets & Books - Oh My! 1, 2 teddy bears wrapped in a blanket
Bears Blankets and Books Oh My 3, team 7's table
Books Blankets and Bears, person with a blanket
Bears, Blankets & Books – Oh My!, wagons with bears, books and blankets in it
Rescue Buddies, wall lined with stufed animals

Bears, Blankets & Books – Oh My!

In this feel-good team building program, guests will be broken up into teams, and tasked with completing a series of tests in order to become certified to create something truly unique, something handmade, and most importantly, something made with love and care.

After completing a series of tasks, teams will create their own personal, handmade snuggle package to be donated to children at Children’s Hospital, Family Place, or your charity of choice. Each team will have the opportunity to make a teddy bear come to life, hand make blankets that will keep the bear and his new owner warm throughout the night, and write a personal message inside the cover of a book to add for each child.

This activity focuses on:

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    Problem Solving

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    Corporate Social Responsibility

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