Robo Racer, team picture
Robo Racer, canned foods maze cpells cubs
Robo Racer, no right turn maze
Robo Racer, canned goods

Robo Racers

Finding your way through a maze can be tricky for anyone, but imagine if you were only 6 inches tall! In this activity, teams will be tasked with building a maze out of donatable items (school supplies or non-perishable food items, for example) and then guide a 6 inch light-controlled robot through it.
Each team will be given items with which to build their maze, and once all mazes are completed, they will be joined together to create a truly challenging labyrinth. Teammates must communicate clear directions to their blindfolded driver, guiding a little robot through the twists and turns to the single exit. First one out wins! All materials used for building mazes will then be donated to one of Dallas/Fort Worth’s outstanding charities.

This activity focuses on:

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    Problem Solving

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    Corporate Social Responsibility

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