Year of Prosperity and Growth

Coco Condo Construction, stack of chocolate bars

Wow! We are moving full-steam into February and we are excited for our favorite holiday of the year: the day all the unpurchased CHOCOLATE goes on sale! I mean, who doesn’t like chocolate? Dogs even love chocolate, but did you know that it is toxic for them? On a somewhat related note, tomorrow is the Chinese New Year and begins the Year of the Dog. Also known as the Lunar New Year, the holiday falls on a different date each year because it is based on the lunar calendar. This year is expected to bring prosperity, particularly to those who are proactive and work hard. It is also predicted that those who show generosity to others will reap the greatest benefits throughout the year.

This forecast bodes well as 2018 is shaping up to be one of our busiest years yet, a year we’ve dubbed the “Year of Prosperity and Growth.”  In January alone, we partnered with groups just like yours to make much-appreciated donations like bears and blankets to the Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children and busy boxes for Children’s Medical Hospital. We also constructed bikes for families that are victims of domestic abuse and contributed over $5,000.00 to the Boys and Girls Club of America, while also introducing the STEM curriculum that empowers youth to find joy in learning through integrating science, technology, engineering, and math.

group 1, poeple holding teddy bears

As we reflect on the amazing opportunities of this past lunar year, Idea Fountain is looking forward to filling your year with the same synergy and success that we have come to enjoy. We want to help you give back to the individuals and teams that have helped you succeed as well. As we grow our business, and our bellies with chocolate, Idea Fountain brings the love of food and the hunger for success to you with innovative team building opportunities like Cocoa Construction. In this chocolatey activity that encourages communication, listening, and problem solving, teams are given the basic infrastructure to construct their own cocoa condo. After a sweet ice-breaker, building will commence and, of course, at the end everyone gets to indulge in their chocolatey creation without a bit of guilt.

If your New Year’s resolution (lunar or otherwise) keeps you from boarding the candy train, we have many other delicious events to sink your teeth into. Take a trip south of the border with our Tasty Tex-Mex challenge or consider our Big League BBQ for a taste a little closer to home. With a fridge as large as your imagination, we can make your edible dreams come true. Bring your team together for a day of stuffing your faces and building the skills to continue your prosperity and growth throughout the rest of the year, and for many more half-off chocolate days to come.

cookie festoon 3, people decorating cookies
blocks, person balancing block on thier head
Tasty tex mex, chips and quacamole