What is Corporate Social Responsibility?

In today’s socially conscious environment, employees and customers place a premium on working for and purchasing services or items from businesses that prioritize (CSR) otherwise known as corporate social responsibility.

Statistics show that nearly half of all consumers believe a company has significant impacts on social or economic change. With that being said, small and large brands alike are gaining new customers and even higher returns by participating incharitable team building events or volunteer days. In other words, companies are listening to what their customers have to say and taking action.

By participating in charitable event activities and taking pictures of your employees assembling donations you can also give your customers a first-hand look at the impacts your organization is making within society.

You may want to keep in mind that a customized event such as this will need to be organized to include a timeline, activities which are tested and organized per a specific timeline and products will need to be ordered and brought to the event location. That is why it is recommended that a team building company be consulted for the best possible event outcome.

Your efforts and donations help organizations provide support to those who need it most and are making impacts in ways that are acknowledged not just by the organization but also by the people who buy your products. Implementing a CSR activity is a great way to connect with those who view your brand as one that is impactful and significant to society.

Allison Smith, Program Coordinator