Above and beyond what Idea Fountain, Inc. has in place for safety and sanitization, these additional measures will go into effect immediately.

1. Sealing all tubs of equipment once everything has been either steamed, bleached or sanitized. Tubs will ONLY be opened on location to ensure no tampering in between.
2. Gloves for dealers when they set up their tables with game accessories.
3. Stools are only being offered now if the client wants them at blackjack tables-Stools encourage guests to sit and stay, where standing at the tables helps keep moving if needed. If stools are needed they will be wiped down before guests enter with bleach wipes.
4. Hand Sanitizer at each table for the guests.
5. Fun custom casino style facemask for dealers if client or staff request them.
6. At least 2 Additional staff per casino event above 4 tables. This ensures dealers can take a break every hour to go and wash hands.
7. Portions of the table that can be bleach wiped will be, remainder of items like the felt have to be lysoled. Tables will be sanitized before they are loaded on the truck, again when on location and then before they are brought back to the warehouse.
8. Asking for at least an additional hour for set up so the lysol smell can exit the room.
9. Cards will be replaced between events, so new cards are used per client.

Team Building/Bar Games:
1. Fun custom facemask for staff, if client or staff request them.
2. Windex has been replaced with bleach wipes as primary cleaning agent.
3. Items that can not be bleached are being treated with lysol products.
4. Custom covers/carry cases are being created for items so they can be cleaned at warehouse, sealed and then again cleaned on location.
5. Hand Sanitizers for each game/station.

1. Fun custom facemask for staff, if client or staff request them.
2. Scheduling additional staff for events, incase they are unable to work last minute due to any symptoms.
3. Staff are being asked to self monitor for symptoms.
4. Staff are not coming back to work until they feel it is comfortable to do so.
5. Staff will wash hands on a regular basis throughout the event.