New Horizons in 2016


So far 2016 is shaping up to be awesome. Additions, expansion, and growth are the key words used around the office on a daily basis.

First off we have added new additions to our catalog of games. Our clients cannot get enough of our Bar Games. They are quickly becoming a very popular addition to our team building events and casino nights. We are featuring a variety of old school bar games and arcade classics. Bring the 1950s tavern feel to your party with our authentic 9-foot Shuffleboard table, turn your competitive side on with our  Foosball Table and Air Hockey, or kick back and relax with a casual game of Darts. These games bring out the fun in any event and we are  continuously adding to our collection!

dart board 1, people at dart boards

We already had an amazing time with the new games at the famous Gilley’s/Palladium Ballroom in Dallas.

Our office expansion has helped our growth just as much as our new services. We are finally adjusting to our new location in Dallas. However, with all this space we needed ways to fill it and we filled it with new people! Please welcome our new office associates Ethan and Sameerah!

Ethan Sameerah

Ethan has been part of the team for almost two years on the front lines as one of our casino dealers. When he reached out to us for an office position it really was a no brainer. His artistic and graphic design skills have already helped create new and unique best advertising possible for us as well as to keep the website updated. With his background of our casino parties, his existing knowledge proves immensely helpful. He knows how the casinos operate and can keep things under control since this year is already busier than last year.

Sameerah brings an entirely different perspective to the team. Her background in marketing and special events is sure to raise the game here at the office. Sameerah is already taking the reigns on the back end, coordinating all of our events making sure everything goes smoothly for our clients and staff. With all of this new help Idea Fountain can guarantee even better service than before; even though it was already the best!

The 28th Party Fest Tradeshow was simply astounding! We are so excited to have had the opportunity to showcase at Party Fest for the third year in a row amidst so many other talent professionals! With the recent  growth of our team, the expansion of ideas came together in the form of a super interactive booth. So many new connections were made and a lot of fun was had with so many other outstanding event professionals. We not enjoyed catching up with our friends, but loved meeting many new ones as well. We are looking forward to all the new adventures we can have together.

A special THANK YOU to those that gave us your personal touch in creating a new masterpiece for our office! It looks better than we could have ever imagined! Be sure to find your hand and tag it, here on our facebook page!

IdeaFountain LendAHand 02, painting above desk

That brings this to a close. Please keep visiting us to stay updated and be sure to follow us on social media. We have a special event, that we need your help with, coming in May and it will be terrific!

Thank you and have a wonderful day!!

Idea Fountain logo, puprle and green fountain cubes shooting out the bottom of a light bulb