Spring Forward with March Mania and the Outdoors

Whew, we made it – almost, at least. While some people look to Punxsutawney Phil for reassurance that spring is indeed coming, for most of us it’s all about March Madness. When hoop talk heats up and brackets start appearing, you know the much-anticipated and highly needed season is right around the corner. And fresh off the Winter Olympics, the smell of competition is still strong in the air with the “Big Dance” beginning soon. We have survived winter once again. Hallelujah!

Wheelbarrow, man pushing a woman in a wheelbarrow
6 legged race, 3 people in a 6 legged race

While the games don’t stop rolling out on the courts, things are heating up for us in the office as well. Because, like professional sports, we at Idea Fountain never stop. Introducing fun and educational games that get you out of your office chair and into high-gear is what we do best. Inspired minds have been swept away with the spirit of the Olympics and want to host their very own. What a great idea! With warmer weather fast approaching, everyone is ready to get outside and see the sun again. We all know how important it is to step away from your tasks and re-set, so that you can go back to work fresh.

When the mind begins to stagnate, we replenish our reserves with a different activity, like our Olympic Games. It’s fun and it keeps your mind sharp and your body moving. Teams compete at their favorite Olympic sports to win prizes and, of course, major bragging rights. Test your mettle with the javelin toss, cross-country skiing, and many more games designed to challenge and enhance your team’s skills in communication, problem solving, listening, and cooperation.

egg spoon, woman carring an egg in a spoon
nerf guns, people shooting nerf guns

For a bit of extra fun, check out our twist with our Outlaw Olympics. Round up your best posse and saddle up to compete in all the challenges a day on the prairie has to offer. Hang up your winter coat and put on your favorite jersey because with so many games available the only thing you need to decide is what victory dance you’re going to use at your closing ceremonies.