How Did the Pandemic Affect The Workplace and Team Building?

We think of time now as pre-pandemic and post-pandemic and one place where this distinction is most applicable is in the workplace. COVID-19 fundamentally changed the workplace in so many ways. Not only did entire industries go under and need to find a way to resurrect, but employee standards have changed. In light of the trying times, employees are demanding better treatment, greater flexibility, and more empathetic leaders.

Remote, Hybrid, On-Site…Oh My!

Globally, 16% of companies are fully remote with a large percentage of companies that allow remote work occasionally. The trend is projected to continue as the world continues to adapt technology that makes working remotely more feasible. Keeping your remote workers together and satisfied requires leaders willing to connect and engage the entire team. A support system is needed in any company and when your workers are remote, the traditional outlets for comfort or community are no longer as simple.


Team building is more important than ever. Whether your company is partially remote or back in the office, the past two years have changed so much and the need for in person connection is critical. Desk neighbors who used to see each other every day may have not seen each other in person in over a year, which is a long time and should not be overlooked. At the same time, you may have an entire team of new employees who have never met beyond a computer screen. These conditions can breed uncomfortableness and anxiety.


This is where team building events come in. Teams need the opportunity to genuinely connect and reintroduce themselves to their coworkers. Not only do team building events provide connection and a break, but it also demonstrates that management cares about more than just deliverables.

Empathy matters

Another change that has been brought upon by the pandemic is the greater focus on empathetic leadership and mental health awareness. Employees are no longer willing to work themselves into the ground for ungrateful leadership. There is a level of expectation that work-life balance matters to the company and policies reflect this value.

Team building is a powerful way to build trust and respect among employees and their leadership. Team building events may provide an opportunity for employees to get more comfortable voicing their concerns or praises to upper management. Open communication is key to any workplace environment and team building provides a foundation for a company to build on.


The pandemic has changed a lot of things but as a workforce, adaptability is never out of reach.