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Houston needs Heroes/Super Hero Academy Team Building

Houston needs Heroes and you can help with our Super Hero Academy Team Building

Hurricane Harvey’s devastation in the end of August is well known to us all. Now that the storm itself has passed and the cameras have stopped rolling, it is all too easy to forget about the devastation Harvey brought to many of our fellow Texans just over a month ago.

When we think of heroes, we may often think of those who can leap tall buildings in a single bound, swing through the neighborhood, or fight the bad guys that the ordinary person cannot. Feats of astounding strength, endurance, and ability often are the traits that these superheroes of the comics and the silver screen so often demonstrate. However, these are often fantastic creations, using fantastic power to combat unrealistic foes. While we might not be able to fly or stop bullets, we can all show the greatest trait of all of the greatest fictional heroes: compassion.

packing 3, people loading stuff in a uhaul
packing 2 people loading stuff in a uhaul
packing, people loading stuff in a uhaul

Right now, Houston needs heroes. The effects of this storm are still affecting many of our loved ones, and all that we can give back may help some of our fellow Texans. With our “Superhero Academy” event, teams can be both types of heroes! While getting involved in challenges that will make teams feel like famous superheroes, they can earn supplies and gifts for those most affected by Hurricane Harvey.

We at Idea Fountain believe that our greatest accomplishments stem from helping others when they are most in need.

group 2, people in room full of matresses diapers and other stuff

The need for heroes is real, and we can all do our part to be that hero for those in need! What can you do to become a HERO?