Happy Birthday!

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We celebrate national holidays, silly holiday’s, client birthdays and staff accomplishments but today it’s time to celebrate our BIRTHDAY!

Idea Fountain is turning 4! Yes 4 years old, we have made it past the terrible two’s and the teething three’s and now moving in to the fabulous four’s. Four years ago, Crystal took a leap of faith with a ton of encouragement from friends, family members and co-workers to start Idea Fountain Inc.  If you know anything about Crystal, she is set in her ways, so this was a huge step.   The dream of owning a company that focused on ethical, professional and creative team building services was the goal.

After 4 years, we have reached our goal and set new ones that we are working towards reaching.  With the motto” hiring great attitudes” the team has grown by leaps and bounds.  We strive every day to provide quality customer service to our clients and have fun while doing it.  Our clients know that no matter what they need we are always a phone call away!

Our BIRTHDAY celebration is not just for us, we celebrate the wonderful clients who trusted us with their team and events.  It is a celebration of the staff who work tirelessly on location to make sure everyone has a great time.  It is a celebration of the relationships that have been built over the years.

Yes, our birthday is a milestone but it is more of a THANK YOU to everyone who continues to support the Idea Fountain team.

THANK YOU for celebrating our BIRTHDAY!

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2013-01-21 group, group at a casino event