Happy Birthday Idea Fountain!

10 candles on a birthday cake

Idea Fountain turns 5 years old this month(tomorrow)!! We can’t believe the crazy, awesome ride we’ve had and the trails we’ve blazed getting here.  Just as summer is heating up we are going full steam ahead. In celebration, and out of necessity, Idea Fountain is moving to a bigger, brand new office! After months of back and forth on designs and permits our office will be ready for us in a few short weeks! Look out for your New Office Warming invite.

On top of that great news, we’ve still managed the barrage of summer events. Whether we’ve been visiting the rustic charm of Austin Ranch or hosting events at Reunion Tower, with breathtaking views.  It’s great to know that our clients and friends still trust us with the events that are important to them during our big move. It just goes to show that with the right people and a bit of elbow grease Idea Fountain can accomplish anything.

This month we got to celebrate the birthdays of two of our favorite people as well, Emily Baker and Charles Dyga. Both of which have been pivotal to helping Idea Fountain, Inc. get to where it is today. Thank you for your service and thank you for bringing joy to our lives. I know the difference you make for us inspires me to make the same difference to our clients. Always friendly, helpful, and reliable. She doesn’t want to share but Crystal, our owner shares the same birthday as the company.

Oh, and to think I nearly forgot. TxACOM (Texas Alliance of Convention, Meeting & Event Operations Managers) honored Idea Fountain and Crystal Walker with an award as “Industry Professional of the Year”. Not the first or the last time Crystal has added a trophy to the Idea Fountain walls.

With so much excitement, it’s no wonder the temperature keeps rising. But don’t worry, we’ll try to turn down the heat after the holidays.

Charles 50th, man standing at a craps table
Reunion tower 5 years, dealers stanging around a craps table
TxACOM trophy 2018 idea fountain