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Casino Holiday Parties

So, you want to have a casino party?

Vegas style casino entertainment brings a certain flair to any event. The click of the roulette ball bouncing on the wheel, the shout of dice players at the craps table, and the jubilant cry of “Blackjack!” are telling signs of excitement. When planning a casino party, there are some things you should consider narrowing down before you select a company to hire:

  • What’s your budget? How much are you planning on spending on the casino portion of your event? You should expect the average price per person to be around $25.00.
  • How many people are expected? We suggest you consider having playable seats for at least 75% of your guests.
  • What date is your event? For holiday parties, we’d advise you to book in May or June to ensure there is availability for your party.
  • Will you have other entertainment? Casino parties fit nicely with any theme and compliment every imaginable variety of entertainment.

Once you’ve settled on the details of your event, it’s time to look for a reputable company. There are many options, but not all are alike. Not all companies take the same level of pride in their professionalism. Take your time to notice the details and ask a few questions before booking:

  • Does the company own its own equipment? If they do, you can ask for some photos or to drop by to see the equipment. If they contract out the services to another company using an agent, there are always extra fees associated.

How many tables to they have?  Do they all match?

  • Do the dealers have a professional dress code? Not all companies uphold the same standards for appearance. Make sure you get what you expect by asking in advance.
  • What table configuration do they suggest? They should consider your guest count and recommend an appropriate variety and number of table games.
  • When do they suggest you start your event and how long do casino parties typically last? They should consider your time-frame and recommend the optimal start and end times for the casino.
  • How much time do they need to set up their equipment and when do they break down the equipment? They should be able to approximate their load-in time to guarantee they are set up before the start of your event. They should also intend to break down their equipment when it won’t disrupt your event.
  • How can I incorporate giving away prizes? They should be able to suggest fun ways to facilitate giving away prizes and provide everything needed to do so.

Don’t be overwhelmed by all this information. It’s important to ask a lot of questions to ensure your event goes smoothly. Don’t look for the cheapest company; look for a company that will guarantee they will arrive on time and act professionally throughout the entire event. You want to have a great event, so make sure that all aspects will be up to your standards.

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