How to bring new vibes to your office

Sometimes the best way to bring new ideas and get inspired is to rearrange your office while add new pieces to inspire those who get to experience your new vibe. When you change things up it feels like new and gets those creative juices flowing.

We recently rearranged our office to make room for new team members. We wanted to make the office and work environment feel more spacious and creative, in a way that all team members will have the opportunity to collaborate.

Everyone contributed to the new layout and even decided on where all the decorations should go. This was a good way for us to work together and accomplish something great! We now feel like we have a brand-new office and the ideas are flowing.

On a slow day take the time to be creative and make your office feel more open and Feng Shui! You may even find things that you thought you had lost.

After you have a game plan or at least an idea, you should start moving things around. Does this flower arrangement serve a brighter purpose by the front door?  You could also use this as a time to clean out the old or get rid of clutter.

Visualization is key when deciding on such things. The office should have a balance of shapes, colors, and textures.

The first step is to sit down and look around, imagine the different ways you could arrange things.Do you have a painting that can inspire creative design? What about an award you’ve received lately?

Items that are displayed in such a way can start the conversation off right giving inspiration to a new project or idea.

“The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting but on building the new”