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Miranda Moyes | Operations Coordinator

Miranda is a jack of all trades and is affectionately called the Office Mom when it comes to the DFW office. Depending on the day, Miranda can be found prepping supplies for upcoming events, planning scavenger hunts, making sure the office staff is taken care of, or a multitude of other tasks.

Working with individuals and groups has been the focus of each step of her career in one way or another. A major goal she has in life is to balance work and fun and being part of the team at Idea Fountain is it. Work is a daily outlet for creativity and curiosity as new opportunities to fill clients’ needs are presented. Flexibility is a must in her day-to-day life.

Miranda is a curious person who seeks out new information and experiences often. Balancing work and adventure, the opportunities she’s found to continue her fulfillment of curiosity throughout her life have been countless. Travel, home remodeling, and cooking, are things she likes. She values simple quiet things like listening to audiobooks, hanging out with friends, or just enjoying quiet nights at home.

Everyday is a new adventure for her with Idea Fountain.