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Happy Birthday Idea Fountain!

Idea Fountain turns 5 years old this month(tomorrow)!! We can’t believe the crazy, awesome ride we’ve had and the trails we’ve blazed getting here.  Just as summer is heating up we are going full steam ahead. In celebration, and out of necessity, Idea Fountain is moving to a bigger, brand new office! After months of back and forth on designs and permits our office will be ready for us in a few short weeks! Look out for your New Office Warming invite.

On top of that great news, we’ve still managed the barrage of summer events. Whether we’ve been visiting the rustic charm of Austin Ranch or hosting events at Reunion Tower, with breathtaking views.  It’s great to know that our clients and friends still trust us with the events that are important to them during our big move. It just goes to show that with the right people and a bit of elbow grease Idea Fountain can accomplish anything.

This month we got to celebrate the birthdays of two of our favorite people as well, Emily Baker and Charles Dyga. Both of which have been pivotal to helping Idea Fountain, Inc. get to where it is today. Thank you for your service and thank you for bringing joy to our lives. I know the difference you make for us inspires me to make the same difference to our clients. Always friendly, helpful, and reliable. She doesn’t want to share but Crystal, our owner shares the same birthday as the company.

Oh, and to think I nearly forgot. TxACOM (Texas Alliance of Convention, Meeting & Event Operations Managers) honored Idea Fountain and Crystal Walker with an award as “Industry Professional of the Year”. Not the first or the last time Crystal has added a trophy to the Idea Fountain walls.

With so much excitement, it’s no wonder the temperature keeps rising. But don’t worry, we’ll try to turn down the heat after the holidays.

Shuffle On Up and Get Your Boots Scoot’n

Now that we have April showers out of the way, the May flowers are ready to bask in. And in Texas, we have the most beautiful flowers to enjoy: Bluebonnets! Just like everything else in Texas they are bigger, better, and more beautiful.

Also blooming…business for smaller corporations, and many of them are hosting team building events to help grow and nurture their team. Idea Fountain, Inc. created some terrific partnerships this past month with opportunities even create some new programs.  April started off with a huge scavenger hunt at the Omni Hotel in Frisco, at the Dallas Cowboys’ headquarters. We hosted high schoolers from all over Texas, providing a program for them to meet each other PLUS give back to the community with care packages for our troops overseas, care of our friends over at Our owner Crystal also donated time to Disable American Veterans Chapter 41 with a golf tournament at the River Creek Golf Course. The team volunteered their time for the 4th year in a row to help the Coterie raise money for Arlington Urban Ministries with our crazy field day games.

Team BuildingCasino GolfIMG_5018 2The CoterieTouchdown!!!

May is the perfect time to bring your team together before things get crazy with kids out of school, summer vacation, and the scorching heat. One of our favorite new programs is the Honky Tonk Two Step. Don’t worry about your two left feet! We’ll teach you the steps and have you dancing with the stars in no time, while building your team’s skills in communication, cooperation, and creativity.

When the dance floor gets too hot for you, cool off inside and fun bar games! Scoot on up to the shuffle board, take a stab at the dart board, and test your skills at Big Tex’s favorite game, the giant Jenga!

“It is not too late to plant your roots to create a strong team”

ShuffleboardHonky TonkDart Board

Spring Forward with March Mania and the Outdoors

Whew, we made it – almost, at least. While some people look to Punxsutawney Phil for reassurance that spring is indeed Outdoor funcoming, for most of us it’s all about March Madness. When hoop talk heats up and brackets start appearing, you know the much-anticipated and highly needed season is right around the corner. And fresh off the Winter Olympics, the smell of competition is still strong in the air with the “Big Dance” beginning soon. We have survived winter once again. Hallelujah!

20151112_132014_resized_1While the games don’t stop rolling out on the courts, things are heating up for us in the office as well. Because, like professional sports, we at Idea Fountain never stop. Introducing fun and educational games that get you out of your office chair and into high-gear is what we do best. Inspired minds have been swept away with the spirit of the Olympics and want to host their very own. What a great idea! With warmer weather fast approaching, everyone is ready to get outside and see the sun again. We all know how important it is to step away from your tasks and re-set, so that you can go back to work fresh.egg spoon

When the mind begins to stagnate, we replenish our reserves with a different activity, like our Olympic Games. It’s fun and it keeps your mind sharp and your body moving. Teams compete at their favorite Olympic sports to win prizes and, of course, major bragging rights. Test your mettle with the javelin toss, cross-country skiing, and many more games designed to challenge and enhance your team’s skills in communication, problem solving, listening, and cooperation

Quick DrawFor a bit of extra fun, check out our twist with our Outlaw Olympics. Round up your best posse and saddle up to compete in all the challenges a day on the prairie has to offer. Hang up your winter coat and put on your favorite jersey because with so many games available the only thing you need to decide is what victory dance you’re going to use at your closing ceremonies.




Year of Prosperity and Growth

Roll Over Pic-Coco Condo ConstructionWow! We are moving full-steam into February and we are excited for our favorite holiday of the year: the day all the unpurchased CHOCOLATE goes on sale! I mean, who doesn’t like chocolate? Dogs even love chocolate, but did you know that it is toxic for them? On a somewhat related note, tomorrow is the Chinese New Year and begins the Year of the Dog. Also known as the Lunar New Year, the holiday falls on a different date each year because it is based on the lunar calendar. This year is expected to bring prosperity, particularly to those who are proactive and work hard. It is also predicted that those who show generosity to others will reap the greatest benefits throughout the year.


This forecast bodes well as 2018 is shaping up to be one of our busiest years yet, a year we’ve dubbed the “Year of Prosperity and Growth.”  In January alone, we partnered with groups just like yours to make much-appreciated donations like bears and blankets to the Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children and busy boxes for Children’s Medical Hospital. We also constructedBears Blankets and Books bikes for families that are victims of domestic abuse and contributed over $5,000.00 to the Boys and Girls Club of America, while also introducing the STEM curriculum that empowers youth to find joy in learning through integrating science, technology, engineering, and math.

As we reflect on the amazing opportunities of this past lunar year, Idea Fountain is looking forward to filling your year with the same synergy and success that we have come to enjoy. We want to help you give back to the individuals and teams that have helped you succeed as well. As we grow our business, and our bellies with chocolate, Idea Fountain brings the love of food and the hunger for success to you with innovative team building opportunities like Cocoa Construction. In this chocolatey activity that encourages communication, listening, and problem solving, teams are given the basic infrastructure to construct their own cocoa condo. After a sweet ice-breaker, building will commence and, of course, at the end everyone gets to indulge in their chocolatey creation without a bit of guilt.
If your New Year’s resolution (lunar or otherwise) keeps you from boarding the

candy train, we have many other delicious events to sink your teeth into. Take a trip south of the border with our Tasty Tex-Mex challenge or consider our Big League BBQ for a taste a little closer to home. With a fridge as large as your imagination, we can make your edible dreams come true. Bring your team together for a day of stuffing your faces and building the skills to continue your prosperity and growth throughout the rest of the year, and for many more half-off chocolate days to come.

Icing holds it togetherBlock HeadHey Guacamole!

Houston needs Heroes/Super Hero Academy Team Building

Houston needs Heroes and you can help with our Super Hero Academy Team Building

Hurricane Harvey’s devastation in the end of August is well known to us all. Now that the storm itself has passed and the cameras have stopped rolling, it is all too easy to forget about the devastation Harvey brought to many of our fellow Texans just over a month ago.
When we think of heroes, we may often think of those who can leap tall buildings in a single bound, swing through the neighborhood, or fight the bad guys that the ordinary person cannot. Feats of astounding strength, endurance, and ability often are the traits that these superheroes of the comics and the silver screen so often demonstrate. However, these are often fantastic creations, using fantastic power to combat unrealistic foes. While we might not be able to fly or stop bullets, we can all show the greatest trait of all of the greatest fictional heroes: compassion.

22279327_10212895993988938_402379882_o  22243731_10212895993708931_1964468708_o 22219345_10212895993388923_564368767_o

Right now, Houston needs heroes. The effects of this storm are still affecting many of our loved ones, and all that we can give back may help some of our fellow Texans. With our “Superhero Academy” event, teams can be both types of heroes! While getting involved in challenges that will make teams feel like famous superheroes, they can earn supplies and gifts for those most affected by Hurricane Harvey.

We at Idea Fountain believe that our greatest accomplishments stem from helping others when they are most in need.


Room full of items we delivered this past week.

The need for heroes is real, and we can all do our part to be that hero for those in need! What can you do to become a HERO?

Bears days of Summer!

July is over, Texas sure is hot when you are covered in fur!

This July we had some new members join the Idea Fountain team and their names are Norman, Rosie, Snowflake, Kody, and Penny! These aren’t your regular faces though, they are First Responder Bears. First Responder Bears, have a special job once they go to their next home. First Responders keep these IMG_4188cuddly friends in their vehicles, in case they meet a child while out in the field who needs a soft friend to get them through something traumatizing at the moment. Hopefully these bears never find a forever home with a child but in case they do, we have taken them with us everywhere so they have fun stories to share with their new kiddo.

We have had so much fun with these guys, that we needed to share some of their adventures with us.

Our bears have become well rounded travelers since we brought them into the Idea Fountain family. Our IMG_4524bears haven’t been limited to only exploring the great state of Texas, they’ve broadened their horizons and become cross country travelers. Kody the Koala traveled with Crystal all the way to Atlanta, Georgia to bring a little slice of Texas to the annual Fort Worth CVB sales meeting. While Kody and Crystal were heading up north, two of our other bears, Penny and Norman, learned how to paint at the DFW NACE Painting with a Purpose charity event.  This giveback helped raise money for Trigger’s Toys, a charity that provides toys and therapy items to hospitalized children in the DFW area. Penny and Norman were able to put their painting skills to the test and meet fellow event planners while benefiting this wonderful organization.

When most people first think of Texas and the south in general, they often think of cowboys, two-steppin’, and sweet ole’ southern hospitality. Out of all the destinations in Texas, nothing better represents our Western heritage better than the Fort Worth National Historic District. From the original historic buildings to wooden corrals, the Fort Worth Stockyards tell the history of Texas’s famous livestock industry. We took Penny and Kody out to the Stockyards to experience a bit of Texas History and culture. The bears made some new friends at the Visitors center along the way and we were even able to catch a glimpse of the Fort Worth Herd’s twice daily cattle drive. After that, we traveled over to Billy Bob’s Texas, the world’s Largest Honky Tonk. Our friends we met there liked the bears so much they let them pose with one of their bulls at the venue.Bear Blog Collage

At the end of June, Idea Fountain celebrated its 4th Birthday! That’s right, we are officially four years old now! To celebrate, we went with Norman to deliver Birthday cakes to a few of our friends. We were able to drop off gift packages to various venues and introduce the bears to friends at the Dallas Marriot, Hilton Anatole, Omni Dallas, Union Station, and many other wonderful venues. Whenever anyone with the Idea Fountain Office has travelled, at least one of the bears has travelled with us. We’ve loved getting to meet new people and share our cause and story behind these bears.

We’re hoping that by the end of the summer, these bears will have some great stories for the kids that they go home with!

IMG_4752 IMG_4750 IMG_4733

written by: Maggie Donovan-Summer Intern

Happy Birthday!

Happy BirthdayWe celebrate national holidays, silly holiday’s, client birthdays and staff accomplishments but today it’s time to celebrate our BIRTHDAY!

Idea Fountain is turning 4! Yes 4 years old, we have made it past the terrible two’s and the teething three’s and now moving in to the fabulous four’s. Four years ago, Crystal took a leap of faith with a ton of encouragement from friends, family members and co-workers to start Idea Fountain Inc.  If you know anything about Crystal, she is set in her ways, so this was a huge step.   The dream of owning a company that focused on ethical, professional and creative team building services was the goal.

After 4 years, we have reached our goal and set new ones that we are working towards reaching.  With the motto” hiring great attitudes” the team has grown by leaps and bounds.  We strive every day to provide quality customer service to our clients and have fun while doing it.  Our clients know that no matter what they need we are always a phone call away!

Our BIRTHDAY celebration is not just for us, we celebrate the wonderful clients who trusted us with their team and events.  It is a celebration of the staff who work tirelessly on location to make sure everyone has a great time.  It is a celebration of the relationships that have been built over the years.

Yes, our birthday is a milestone but it is more of a THANK YOU to everyone who continues to support the Idea Fountain team.

THANK YOU for celebrating our BIRTHDAY!

Team Building StaffHoliday Funpost waterballoon fightchef2013-01-21 13.28.01

Casino Holiday Parties

So, you want to have a casino party?

Vegas style casino entertainment brings a certain flair to any event. The click of the roulette ball bouncing on the wheel, the shout of dice players at the craps table, and the jubilant cry of “Blackjack!” are telling signs of excitement. When planning a casino party, there are some things you should consider narrowing down before you select a company to hire:

  • What’s your budget? How much are you planning on spending on the casino portion of your event? You should expect the average price per person to be around $25.00.
  • How many people are expected? We suggest you consider having playable seats for at least 75% of your guests.
  • What date is your event? For holiday parties, we’d advise you to book in May or June to ensure there is availability for your party.
  • Will you have other entertainment? Casino parties fit nicely with any theme and compliment every imaginable variety of entertainment.

Once you’ve settled on the details of your event, it’s time to look for a reputable company. There are many options, but not all are alike. Not all companies take the same level of pride in their professionalism. Take your time to notice the details and ask a few questions before booking:

  • Does the company own its own equipment? If they do, you can ask for some photos or to drop by to see the equipment. If they contract out the services to another company using an agent, there are always extra fees associated.

How many tables to they have?  Do they all match?

  • Do the dealers have a professional dress code? Not all companies uphold the same standards for appearance. Make sure you get what you expect by asking in advance.
  • What table configuration do they suggest? They should consider your guest count and recommend an appropriate variety and number of table games.
  • When do they suggest you start your event and how long do casino parties typically last? They should consider your timeframe and recommend the optimal start and end times for the casino.
  • How much time do they need to set up their equipment and when do they break down the equipment? They should be able to approximate their load-in time to guarantee they are set up before the start of your event. They should also intend to break down their equipment when it won’t disrupt your event.
  • How can I incorporate giving away prizes? They should be able to suggest fun ways to facilitate giving away prizes and provide everything needed to do so.

Don’t be overwhelmed by all this information. It’s important to ask a lot of questions to ensure your event goes smoothly. Don’t look for the cheapest company; look for a company that will guarantee they will arrive on time and act professionally throughout the entire event. You want to have a great event, so make sure that all aspects will be up to your standards.

277A0200All Bets are On-Royal FlushIMG_0035

Giving Back! Corporate Social Responsibility

Forward-thinking companies know community involvement differentiates them and embed it into their core values. Consumers more than ever hold companies to a higher standard; they expect businesses to not just make a profit, but to also operate responsibly to address social and environmental issues.

Companies that give back to the community can improve their brand and reputation, and naturally earn trust and respect from their community. Companies that incorporate corporate social responsibility (CSR) in their business plans also distinguish themselves from their competitors and see other major benefits, such as:

  • Better relationships. Engaging in social responsibility can help you connect with your customers in new ways. A strong CSR framework is key to building and maintaining trust between companies and their clients. Making genuine connections with your customers can also help you find ways to get involved and give back.
  • Employee engagement. Providing an outlet for employees to give back is important for morale, and builds a collaborative and inspired team. Employees respect employers committed to giving back to the community, and being given the opportunity to give back provides employees a better sense of personal and professional fulfillment.
  • It’s a win-win. CSR is an undeniable way for companies to benefit themselves while also benefiting society. Ethical business activities can generate positive publicity, attract investors, enhance a company’s influence, win new business, and increase customer retention.

We love incorporating givebacks when we are developing exciting, customized team building programs for our clients. We have a variety of fun and rewarding givebacks and while we may not be able to save the world, we can brighten someone’s day and so much more. Speaking of saving the world, we’re very excited to unveil our newest team building program, Superhero Academy: Find the Superhero in You.

Test your accuracy with the Green Arrow archery challenge, flex your muscles with the Hulk Smash strength challenge, or show off your hustle with The Flash’s speed challenge. With a variety of fun superhero challenges, we can help identify what your team’s super powers are and help you give back to the community in a meaningful way.

Leave a LegacyStuff It! Backpacks for CharityBike ImpossibleToms ShoesMilitary Care PackagesBears, Blankets and Books. Oh My!

Welcome Spring!

Welcome Spring!

Happy St. Patty’s Day!

We started off this month with our Tasty Tex Mex Challenge, hosting over 26 teams and 260 guests.  Their salsa and guacamole creations were some of the best we’ve ever tasted. Who knew you didn’t need to be a gourmet chef to create these spicy dishes.Smiles

Start enjoying the spring weather by bringing your office team together for a couple of hours one afternoon. It’ll help boost morale, encourage creativity and increase productivity in your office.
Team building is not what it was five years ago… In these days of gadgets, many companies feel that they need to incorporate technology into their team building program.

Hey Guacamole!This is not always true!

Pulling employees away from their everyday work routine for something as simple as making salsa and guacamole will do just as well (and sometimes better) as tech gadgetry to boost the overall morale of your group.

When looking for a team building program, consider the following:

Why do you want to host a team building event?

How long can you set aside from the work day to allow your team to participate in an activity?

Should you do something at your office or take the group offsite?

What do you want to accomplish with the activity?

Prep Work

Should you incorporate a community give back?

What’s your budget?

Ah, the “B” word – Budget.  Budget is typically the first thing that companies look at when deciding which program will work best for their group. Yes, the bottom line for one program is a key factor, but what about the influence it has on your team afterwards?

Will you truly get the outcome you are looking for by going the cheapest route?

That old saying “you get what you pay for” stands true for most team building companies. We don’t suggest you hire the most expensive company but do your research and hire the best company to work with you and your team.

You will know when it’s a good fit.

Working together as a team while accomplishing something is always a rewarding feeling!

And remember…if plan A doesn’t work, there are 25 other letters in the alphabet!