Traditional Casino Tables


You are walking around the casino floor, money in hand, looking for the perfect table. You finally spot the dealer you want to tango with. You lay your money on the table and here come the cards. You get the 10 of hearts, then a 9 of spades dealer shows the 6 of diamonds and the 7 of clubs. Dealer draws…King of Spades!!! Dealer Bust!!!

Feel the excitement of calling “All In” at a poker table, splitting Ace’s with a blackjack dealer or rolling a hard six at the craps table.  Our professional dealers will ensure you have a great time. Every dealer has gone through special training by some of the best in the business. With a friendly smile they will pull you into their tables and even teach the most discerning player.

At Idea Fountain, we personally own all of our equipment which allows us to keep it maintained and looking it’s best.  What you see is what you get, we do not sub-contract out our services like other companies. Contact us today to discuss your event!


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